There is only one boss. The customer. He can fire everybody in the company by spen- ding his cash

UP fan takes to the skies in a house by tying hundreds of balloons to it …

Pixar plans to rerelease its most popular animated movies in 3D

The announcement marks the latest in a long line of sequels for film studio Pixar, which was once renowned for its original stories. Starring the voice talent of Albert Brooks as Marlin, and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres as his goofy, forgetful companion Dory, it made $867.8m (£555m) when it was released in

Coldplay's “Charlie Brown”

It had long since come to my attention that accomplished people rarely sat back

Sandra Bruce, equalities strategist at Aberdeen City Council said: "Some of the key areas of debate around Gypsy Travellers are about halting sites, unauthorise.